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New York Jets: Who Has the Most Fantasy Value?

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Which player on Gang Green is worth the most in fantasy?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

If you play fantasy football, you probably have not had many Jets on your team in recent seasons. If you have, the team was probably not very good. Although the Jets put out some strong defensive units in the Rex Ryan Era, fantasy is primarily about having playmakers on offense. The Jets haven't had many. That might change this season. Who are the strongest Jet fantasy plays this season?

1. Brandon Marshall

This one is obvious. Marshall is likely to be the focus of the passing game. The Jets are going to make it a point to funnel targets his way, particularly in the all-important red zone. While there are questions about the quarterback play on this team, Marshall has posted 1,000 yards in seasons where guys like Chad Henne, Matt Moore, and Josh McCown were responsible for throwing a large proportion of his team's passes.

2. Eric Decker

Decker's fantasy value took a big hit leaving the Broncos and Peyton Manning. On the Jets, he is probably more of a number three receiver for fantasy purposes. He still belongs on a roster, though, and can start on certain weeks. He posted 74 catches for 965 yards last season. With Marshall in the mix, Decker's targets are probably going to go down. The passes in his direction might be higher quality opportunities, though, with Marshall drawing attention and more difficult cornerbacks.

3. Chris Ivory

I am not sure any Jets running back is a strong fantasy play. It is probably going to be a platoon situation, and we have no way of knowing how the carries will be divided. The player with the most value will probably be the one who gets the lion's share of goal line handoffs. For now, we will guess it is the incumbent, but that is liable to change. Why does Ivory still rate third here? There usually isn't a big difference in defenses and kickers so I wouldn't place value on them. As far as other receiving targets go, there are only so many passes to throw. Marshall and Decker are going to see their fair share, and this does not profile to be a particularly strong passing team. The third option is not particularly enticing.

How would you rate the top three fantasy players on the Jets right now?