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Muhammad Wilkerson Shows Up and Speaks

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Muhammad Wilkerson did come to the Jets' mandatory minicamp today. He did make it clear he is not thrilled with the progress on a new contract, though.

Just from reading what he said, this clearly does not sound like a player who is happy with the way the Jets have approached these negotiations to this point. I think it is important to note that these comments were likely planned between Wilkerson and his agent as part of the posturing game. He certainly knew going in the types of questions he would be asked and what would draw interest.

Right now things seem to depend on the Jets. I get the impression there has not been much urgency on this front, and that is not necessarily indicative of anything. The front office did have to focus on free agency and the Draft. Now the question is how serious the front office is about keeping Mo, and how much Mo actually wants. These are things we simply do not know at this point.

I would only advise against jumping to conclusions based on the tone of Wilkerson's comments today. Negotiations like these are frequently acrimonious. If the two sides agree to a deal both sides deem fair, all of the bad feelings have a way of melting away.