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Richardson Says Wilkerson Will Be at Minicamp

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Whether Muhammad Wilkerson will attend this week's mandatory minicamp has been up in the air. There was a report last week that he would be there. Then Wilkerson said he was not sure. Now Sheldon Richardson told ESPN's Josina Anderson his linemate will be there.

-Jets DT Sheldon Richardson told me at least he's expecting DE Mohammed Wilkerson to show for mandatory camp Tuesday: "Last week he told me he was going to show up. From what I know, he's going to be there. That was good enough for me, and all I needed to hear."

Richardson also said, "he is vital and proven player on our team. Leo (Leonard Williams) has the potential to still be a monster on our defense. I'll get a better idea of him in camp and in the preseason. We haven't played any games yet. I know what kind penetration Mo gets and how disruptive he is. Whatever coin he's asking for is well-deserved."

Wilkerson is only under contract with the Jets through 2015 so his every move is being watched. I am not sure how much his attendance really matters. It would be one thing if he was a young guy looking to make a big leap like Calvin Pryor or Jace Amaro. Wilkerson is established. He doesn't need these reps. He knows how to get ready for the season. Really all this shows is how far he is willing to go to force the issue with his contract.