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Muhammad Wilkerson's Versatility

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When we talk about Muhammad Wilkerson's value to the Jets as he seeks a new contract, some of the discussion turns to his position. One of the things that makes Wilkerson a real asset to his team is his ability to line up almost anywhere across the line and have success.

Below are shots of where he lined up on a few plays over the last two years that resulted in a sack. He lines up over the ball, at defensive end on a three man line, at defensive end on both the strong and weak sides on a four man line, and at tackle on a four man line. Wilkerson's versatility gives the Jets great flexibility when they scheme for an opponent. They can find the weak point of the offense and stick Wilkerson there. Wilkerson's ability to line up and succeed in multiple spots also gives the coaches more of an ability to alter presnap looks.

Below is but a brief look at this, but it is worth noting that Wilkerson is not just a 3-4 defensive end as he might be listed in the program. He can have success almost everywhere.