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Eric Decker Is An Elite #2 Receiver In The NFL

SB Nation did a little wide receiver analytics and tiered the best #2 receivers in the league, the Jets had representation in the top tier.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It's nice to look around NFL discussions and not see the Jets propping up the table. I know people say that you can't worry about what others think of you, but when you cover the Jets and as a default have to read all this content, it can get extremely depressing.

This off-season has been a breath of fresh-air as the Jets continue to receive positive press, whether it be in their draft grades, off-season improvements or just general power rankings, I no longer cringe when reading ranking lists. So today I was happy to see us represented in the top tier of another list, the best #2 receivers in the league.

Eric Decker has been named as one of the elite #2 receivers in the league along with Emmanuel Sanders, Randall Cobb, Victor Cruz, Mike Evans and Golden Tate.

SB Nation commented:

Decker was the Jets' marquee free agent signing last season and was slotted as the team's No. 1 receiver. He finished with 962 yards and five touchdowns, which isn't bad but he clearly struggled against the top corners in the league. Now with Brandon Marshall in town, Decker is the No. 2 guy and he could thrive like he did in Denver (albeit, without Peyton Manning).

Say what you want about the Jets quarterback position, I'm excited to see this offense this season. That's a completely foreign concept for most Jets fans and the team may well disappoint, but I feel as though we have the talent to put points on the board.

I argued that Decker was good enough to be a #1 in this league or at least a 1A last off-season and although I still persist he has enough talent to be that guy (let us not forget that he had 962 yards and 5 touchdowns while being hampered with injuries for a large portion of the year) but I have no doubt that adding Marshall to take away #1 coverage will inflate Decker's numbers completely.

We saw against Miami what kind of talent he possesses and now he'll have the advantage of taking on the #2 or #3 cornerback. I'm willing to bet that Eric Decker is better than most #2 corners in this league.

If he gets to 1,000+ yards and 10 touchdowns this year, I won't be that surprised.