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Interesting Look At Geno Smiths' Interceptions in 2014

Cian Fahey may not be a name that most of us recognize, but he's been doing some excellent evaluation work on Quarterbacks and I want to share a few of his findings.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most important jobs as an NFL quarterback is to not turn the ball over. If you control the ball, you control the clock and you in most circumstances control the game. Sustaining drives has been a problem for the New York Jets recently and a lot of that falls onto the shoulders of the quarterback, but just how likely is Geno Smith to turn the football over when he's throwing it.

Geno Smith was credited with having thrown 13 interceptions last season, which was middle of the pack in the NFL. 10 Quarterbacks threw more interceptions than Geno and that group included a lot of elite quarterbacks. Obviously throwing interceptions is just a small portion of the position but for the purpose of this article we're looking at it in vacuum.

Cian Fahey didn't just look at the interceptions, he charted every single pass that Geno threw and the results were quite interesting. Although these are subjective findings, after studying all 367 of Geno's throws, only 17 of them were deemed to be interceptable passes. Which means he threw a pass deemed interceptable every 21.6 passes. Of the 17 passes that could be intercepted, 13 were.

Interestingly, Fahey also categorized the interceptions into two sections, one for bad decision making and one for bad accuracy. Of the 17 passes deemed interceptable, 9 were attributed to decision making and 8 were attributed to accuracy.

Have a look at the chart below and head over to read a full breakdown by clicking HERE

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