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Ryan Fitzpatrick Looking Healthy AT OTA's

Our "back-up" quarterback spent a few moments talking to the media following Wednesday's OTA's.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

On competing for the starting QB job in the offseason...

I go in with the mindset that I've got to put in all the preparation like I do every year going into a season, again, whether it was [QB] 1,2,3, or 4 I've got to be my best. In order to do that I have to spend a lot of time in the building; I have to spend a lot of time preparing on the mental side of it and physically make myself ready.

On how he feels after returning from an offseason injury...

I feel good. It's great to be back in this offense, it's something that I'm very familiar with, and just taking the things I've learned the last few years out of this offense and trying to apply them. Whether it's my footwork or my timing, trying to apply them to what we do here, and it's been a lot of fun for me too, not necessarily to move, but to get on a new team, to be the guy everyone is coming to in order to ask questions and to have a lot of those answers. It has been an enjoyable experience thus far.

On whether he would be prepared to step into the starting quarterback position...

A lot of my career has been not necessarily being the guy right away and having to step in and not having there be any sort of drop off, whether it's for injury or whatever. That's something that I pride myself on, whether I'm the day-one starter or a third-string guy, when I go in there, I'm going to be ready.

Geno may well be the starter but he's going to have to perform to a high standard to keep the job. People can say what they like about Fitzpatrick but he's not a walk over, especially in this system. The early reports suggest he's looking very good at camp, throwing the ball well and scrambling well too. It's hardly surprising as he has an established grasp on the Chan Gailey offense, however it's encouraging. Like I tweeted last night, Fitzpatrick has a very good chance to start for this football team in 2015, regardless of whether Geno is the starter in June or not.