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4 Jets Make Pete Prisco's Top 100 List are not alone in counting down the top 100 players, CBS have joined the party with Pete Prisco's feature.

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Top 100 lists are about as useful as power rankings in April, but at the same time I always find it interesting to see how media outlets view our players. We over-value players due to loyalty and bias, however there are certain players who receive league wide recognition for the talent they possess.

The New York Jets have four players on Pete Prisco's list and all four thoroughly deserve their place among the elite in the league.

First of all we have Revis:

8. Darrelle Revis, CB, New York Jets: After a down year in Tampa Bay in 2013, he reverted to his All-Pro form last season and helped New England win a Super Bowl. He can take your best receiver out of the game, which is key to any defense. He signed with the Jets, his original team, as a free agent.

It's hard to disagree with this. Revis has shown an ability to consistently lock down the #1 receiver on the opposition, basically cutting out 50% of the field. He is getting towards the twilight of his career, but he has a good 3-4 years left in him, maybe even more. The Jets are lucky to have him, he's the best CB in the league and undoubtedly he's worthy of a top 10 space.

Next up we have Muhammad Wilkerson

33. Muhammad Wilkerson, DT, New York Jets: At 25, he is a force for the Jets up front. He is a big, power player who can also rush the passer. His sack numbers were down from 10 1/2 in 2013 to six last season, but he's still a power player who has to be accounted for on every snap.

Again, you can't argue with the placement of Mo in the top 50. He is so much more than the stats he produces. He is constantly causing havoc and if he's not getting the sacks or tackles, he's directing traffic to his team mates. He's powerful, intelligent and incredibly athletic for a man his size. I hope he gets paid, and I'm sure he will. Lets hope that contract frustration doesn't boil over.

We move to another defensive lineman, Sheldon Richardson:

47. Sheldon Richardson, DE, New York Jets: As a rookie, he dominated from the opening week. He finished with 3 1/2 sacks to earn Defensive Rookie of the Year honors. It's rare you see a first-year player do well as a rusher and against the run. He followed that up last season with eight sacks and again was stout against the run.

Sheldon Richardson is quickly becoming one of the most dominant players at his position. He has a non-stop motor, he is versatile and athletic, he plays the run and the pass well and the scary thing is, he's only getting better. At the moment he is very good, but there is nothing stopping him from becoming elite. He likes to speak his mind, but he's good enough to get away with it.

Finally we come to the last Jet on the list, Nick Mangold:

73. Nick Mangold, C, New York Jets: Mangold is a good player in the middle of the Jets line, especially when it comes to run blocking. Now 31, he is getting a bit older, but his play hasn't tailed off. He can struggle with pass protection at times.

II'm really pleased to see Mangold on the list but I have to admit that I'm a little surprised to see any other center above him. He has been either at the top or near the top for nearly a decade when it comes to elite centers. His performances don't drop, he's a leader who's good in both pass protection and run blocking, he stays healthy and consistent and should really be the #1 guy when it comes to centers. (He's #2 behind Dallas's Fredericks)

There we have it, the Pete Prisco top 100 players, including 4 Jets. Did he miss anyone out? Did D'Birckashaw deserve to be on there, how about Brandon Marshall or Eric Decker?

Just as a point, there were:

4 Buffalo Bills players (Marcell Dareus, Mario Williams, LeSean McCoy & Kyle Williams)

2 Dolphins players (Ndamukong Suh & Cameron Wake)

5 New England Patriots players (Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Devin McCourty, Jamie Collins, Dont'a Hightower)