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Jets OTA Thread 6/3

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

OTA's are back on the menu today for the Jets, and the media is scheduled to have access.

Yesterday we had a few Jets headlines come out. Muhammad Wilkerson tweeted something. Apparently we are so starved for news these days that this is what passes for news. Stories popped up trying to interpret what he was tweeting. Willie Colon made comments that Geno Smith wasn't ready to be a starter in the past, and Antonio Cromartie did a little bit of trash talk on Richard Sherman. Through it all, one thing became clear. The season cannot come fast enough so that we can start getting some real football news.

Some actual news might come our way today. We have a Twitter widget so clearly we are ready for it. Below is said Twitter widget, which will update through the day with Jets news from the beat writers who cover the team.