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Antonio Cromartie To Richard Sherman: "Go Follow The No. 1 Receiver"

It may be quiet in terms of actual football, but there are some interesting sound-bites coming out of camps around the NFL, and the Jets are no exception.

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Antonio Cromartie has experiences some inconsistencies in his career, however he's never strayed away from speaking his mind, and his latest comment is sure to irk the west coast of America, specifically those around the Seattle area. Speaking to Sirius XM NFL Radio, Cromartie confirmed that he didn't believe Sherman worthy of being in the conversation for the best cornerback in the NFL.

"Go play in a defense where you don't have two All-Pro safeties, That's what I would tell him"

Cromartie is of course referring to Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, two players who are regarded as elite performers at their respective positions. Thomas has been an all-pro for four years in a row and has only been in the league since 2010, and Kam Chancellor a 5th round selection in 2010 has made 3 pro bowl appearances already in his very short career.

However Cromartie had more to say on the subject:

Go follow the No. 1 receiver. Follow him around for a whole entire game and let's see what you can do," Cromartie continued. "Darrelle Revis has done that his whole career. I've done that. Patrick Peterson has done it. Joe Haden has done it. [Sherman] is the only defensive back that hasn't."

"If you want to label yourself as the No. 1 corner, the best corner in the NFL, follow the best guy on every single team,"

Revis has by and large spent his entire career shadowing the opposing teams number one receiver, where as Pete Carrol asks his corners to stay on one side of the field. Teams like to move their #1 receivers around in today's NFL which means Sherman sometimes gets the #2 or #3 receivers to cover. They are easier match-ups for sure, but at the same time, you can't argue that Sherman is one of the finest corners in the game.

Last season he allowed the single touchdown into his coverage while recording 4 interceptions and 4 pass defenses. He is long and athletic, with exceptional instincts. Is he as good as Revis is or was? Absolutely not. Obviously whatever they do in Seattle works, they've been to back-to-back Super Bowls and if it wasn't for a strange last play, they'd have two Super Bowl rings instead of one.

Would Richard Sherman's numbers be as good if he was matched up with the #1 receiver every single snap of every single game, of course they wouldn't., this year alone he'd need to line up against players like Jordy Nelson, Calvin Johnson, A.J Green, Kelvin Benjamin and Dez Bryant. However he's still one of the elite corners in the league and I have no problem with him thinking he's the number one corner in the league, after all, talk is cheap.