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Who Can We Not Afford To Lose To Injury?

With training camp approaching, the Jets will need to get through without any major injuries, but who can we least afford to lose.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is around a month away and if we hope to be play-off contenders in 2015, we're going to have to navigate the 4-5 week period without losing anyone to injuries. However injuries are a part of the game, they are part of football, it's a physical contact sport and we're bound to have a couple of injuries along the way.

Last night I was looking at the roster and trying to decide who we could least afford to lose to a significant injury. I'm talking 10+ weeks out or even lost for the season. I came to my conclusion, but I thought it would be a good discussion point among GGN members today.

For a lot of teams, it will come down to the quarterback. The Patriots can't afford to lose Brady for 10+ games, likewise with the Cowboys, Packers, Saints, Broncos etc. The Jets on the other hand don't have a clear #1 quarterback. As much as the coaching staff insist they are fully behind Geno, if Geno were lost, we have a seasoned veteran who knows the system to come in, some people think Fitzpatrick should be competing for the starting job anyway.

How about the secondary, a unit that was horrendous last year. If we lost Revis that would be a nightmare, but we invested in 3 corners for a reason and we still have two highly drafted players waiting in the wings.

I wouldn't like to lose Brandon Marshall or Eric Decker, not now we have a 1-2 punch to be proud off, but then at least Devin Smith would get plenty of reps.

Then I thought about the defensive line, our deepest position, if we lost Wilkerson or Richardson or Harrison, sure it would hurt...but then you look at that depth and all of a sudden you think you'll be OK. In the linebacker position we're pretty thin, but I don't see an elite performer in that group. If Coples or Pace or Harris or Davis went down, we'd need to replace them with inexperience, but I went in another direction.

Personally, I think we can least afford to lose Nick Mangold. Undoubtedly one of our best players. A guy who constantly ranks among the leagues elite. A player who calls protections, who blocks well in both the pass and run game. A team leader with a vast amount of experience. The offensive line is already very questionable, losing someone like Mangold would cause a domino effect throughout the group and guarantee it struggles all year.

Luckily for us he's only missed 3 games in 9 years, so lets hope that continues through 2015.