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How Did You Become a New York Jets Fan?

Tell us how you became a Gang Green Gangster!

Gang Green Gangsters!
Gang Green Gangsters!
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Traditionally, we had been doing this post during the bye week. But with the way last season was going, I decided to avoid the snark, sarcasm and vitriol that can come with a losing season. Now with the dead period in the NFL (and with more hope and positivity for Gang Green's fans), let us once again discuss how we came to be loyal athletic supporters of the New York Jets.

Have you been a fan since the old New York Titans days? Or are you following along with the careers of Leonard Williams or Devin Smith? Did you come on board during the back-to-back AFC Finalist years? Did you become a fan of the secret Tebow package?

Some of us had parents who passed along their loyalty, while others rebelled against their New York Giants families. Some simply liked the kelly or hunter green. Some have altogether odd stories about how they came to be fans of Gang Green.

So tell us why you like - or love - the New York Jets!

Also, how did you come to find this wonderful community called Gang Green Nation? Of all the Jets Blogs in all the world, you had to post onto mine. And we are so glad you did!