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New York Jets Linebacker Quinton Coples Has A Bigger Pass-Rush Role Than Ever Before

Quinton Coples has done it all, but now he's looking forward to rushing the passer more.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Quinton Coples is a little undervalued with the fanbase, mainly because of hos many different things he does. He's a jack of all trades but hasn't had the chance to become a master of one. Where is his best position? Inside on a 4 man line, outside on a 3 man line or as a standing linebacker. He's played everywhere across this defensive unit apart from free safety:

"I'm 'zero to free safety,' " he said of his position, zero being zero-technique, head-up on the center. "Free safety is the only thing I haven't played, but I'm prepared for it. I've been a corner, I've been an outside linebacker, inside linebacker, all up and down the line.

"I love it. It's good for me," he said before the end of last week's full-squad minicamp "I'll be judged on just pass-rushing, but I enjoy dropping, I enjoy playing linebacker, I enjoy pass-rushing. I just take advantage of the opportunities."

Randy Lange in his article on Quinton pointed out that:

One rough measure of his effectiveness is in all defensive plays for no gain or loss (sacks, rushes, receptions). Q has been in on 44.5 tackles in those situations for 174 yards of losses.

We know that he lined up at corner on some snaps last year, a complete waste of his natural athletic talent, and he probably dropped more than he should have. However with Bowles attacking formula, expect to see Coples rushing the passer a lot more this year, and maybe now he can create that dominance in one aspect of his game. With the defensive line how it is, he should have plenty of opportunities to get to the QB this year. Remember he had 6.5 sacks last year, it would surprise nobody to see him get double-digit numbers in this system.

"I still have situations where I'm dropping and stuff. It's not all pass-rushing," he said. "But I definitely have more of a pass-rushing role than I've had before."