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Kenrick Ellis Liking More Disciplined Giants Routine

After an unremarkable career with the Jets, Ellis is enjoying his time in Blue.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Recently Kenrick Ellis has been talking about the differences between the Jets and Giant orgnaizations and it has some revealing insights into the 2014 New York Jets and the atmosphere around the team:

"It's a lot different,'' Ellis said. "Coach Coughlin is a military guy, really, really disciplined. Rex was disciplined as well, but it's just a little different. You walk in the building, you'll see Coach Coughlin anywhere. He's so sneaky, man, you'll see him anywhere. It forces you to be on point as far as your demeanor, how you act, everything in the building, it's real professional.

"The structure here is a lot more intense. You have your schedule, you have to be where you're supposed to be. They did that too with the Jets, be where you're supposed to be, on time, but here it's not regular time, it's Coach Coughlin's time, which is five minutes early. It was an easy adjustment, you just have to move your clock. I don't see why people make a big deal, it's just being accountable for your actions, and I respect that.''

We've often heard that the Giants are a more professional outlet and the accountability factor was a huge problem during the Rex Ryan era. Obviously we have completely changed coaches and a lot of staff in the building have changes as well, but you want players to be on their best behavior. Todd Bowles doesn't come across as such a disciplinarian like Coughlin, but he also doesn't come across as the pushover that Rex did. Hopefully we've found a happy medium here. Personally I think being on edge all the time isn't a good thing, but then again, Coughlin's Superbowl rings tell another story.

Obviously Ellis has a very underwhelming career here in green and he's shown nothing to suggest that will change anytime soon. In four years with the Jets, Ellis started just 5 games, making 53 tackles and just the single sack. At points you thought he was going to become that dominant run stuffer in the middle, but he never really made a jump. it will be interesting to see how he performs as a DT in that 4-3 system.