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New York Jets: Three Most Improved Areas

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Let's recap the offseason and take a look at the three positions the Jets improved the most over the course of the offseason.

1. Cornerback

The Jets' problems at corner were well-documented a year ago. There is a decent chance that no cornerbacks on last season's roster will see appreciable time in the NFL in 2015. The Jets desperately needed an upgrade at the position, particularly since Todd Bowles' defense puts a ton of stress on the corners. It is thus no surprise that the Jets spent an appreciable amount of their cap space importing free agent cornerbacks. Bringing Darrelle Revis home was the most important acquisition. I'm not sure one specific free agent could improve one specific position group on a team more than Revis improved the Jets' cornerback situation. Without Revis, the Jets would still have spent a lot of money to bring in Antonio Cromartie and Buster Skrine, but corner would still be a question mark. Now the Jets can stick Revis on the other team's top receiver and let Cromartie and Skrine take the second and third options in the opponents' passing game. They should be able to handle that. Cornerback went from an enormous liability to a strength in just a few days.

2. Wide Receiver

The Jets did not invest at wide receiver last season aside from adding Eric Decker. This proved costly and led to an October trade for Percy Harvin. Even during Harvin's best days, he was probably a tad overhyped. Today's Harvin is largely living on reputation. Percy hasn't been a force in years. Brandon Marshall actually should provide the go to presence the Jets were hoping to get in Harvin. The Jets also added a high quality deep threat prospect in Devin Smith, who will have no pressure to contribute immediately.

3. Defensive Line

This is a case of the rich getting richer. The Jets already had one of the most talented young defensive lines in the league. With the sixth overall pick, they added Leonard Williams. The sky is the limit for Williams.