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New York Jets: Three Who Might Be Garayed

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago, the Jets signed veteran defensive lineman Antonio Garay. Without a proven nose tackle on the roster, it was reasonable to expect Garay to play a big role on the team. Garay ended up not making the final roster in part due to the emergence of Damon Harrison.

Ever since then, we have speculated about players who might be Garayed. These are players who seem like good bets to become contributors based on track record but fail to make the final roster. No disrespect is meant to Garay, who had a long, solid NFL career.

1. Stevan Ridley

Ridley is coming off a serious knee injury. He brings some skills to the table, but those skills are largely replicated by two others backs on the roster, Chris Ivory and Zac Stacy. Ridley's lack of receiving ability could be his ticket out of town.

2. Kevin Vickerson

Vickerson has had a long career as a defensive lineman. When he signed, he figured to serve as a rotational guy up front. Since then, the Jets brought back the top incumbent backup, Leger Douzable, and spent the sixth pick of the Draft on an interior lineman, Leonard Williams. This complicates Vickerson's roster spot.

3. Willie Colon

Colon is an incumbent two year starter, but he is not even a lock to make the team. The Jets only gave him a one year deal in the offseason, and it came with a paycut. The Jets have a lot of young competition at the guard position. If one or two of those players shows progress in training camp, it could spell the end of Colon.