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The Jets Don't Exist, Which Team Would You Be Following?

We're really into a slow stretch before the start of the season, so we're going to fill our time with some more generic topics.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

We all love the Jets, they're the only team for us, and we don't want to imagine life without them. Great. Now that's out the way, lets have a little hypothetical. If the Jets didn't exist, which team would you be following in the NFL and why? This isn't about having a second team and there are no points for saying you wouldn't watch football, the Jets have never been a part of your life, so you wouldn't be so upset by their absence that you'd turn your back on the sport in general.

For the sake of this exercise, I also want you to take location out of it. Most of our members are based in New York, so if the Jets didn't exist it would be easy to just say the Giants as they would be the only home town team. So just for the sake of making this more interesting, let's eliminate the location factor.

So what I'm really asking is for you to base your decision on aspects like, pedigree, history, style of football, morals of the organization, winning, whatever is important to you. There is no wrong answer for this and it's just for the sake of discussion and I'm always interested in hearing what values people prioritize in their sports organizations.

Personally, I'd probably be a Green Bay Packers fan for the following reasons:

1) I like the way their organization operates with a priority on scouting and looking after their own.

2) I like their pass happy offense and find them very entertaining to watch.

3) I love football in the snow. It's a winter sport, the colder the better and Wisconsin is pretty chilly.

4) History, they've been in the NFL since 1921 and their history is varied and colorful.

5) Winning, they build championship teams with good scouting and sensible cap management.