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What Does Zach Sudfeld's Injury Mean For The New York Jets

On Monday night, the Jets released Zach Sudfeld following news of an ACL tear, what does this mean for the Jets roster?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

A drill that was supposed to be non-contact ended up costing Zach Sudfeld his job. Injuries in football happen, injuries that are a result of some over-zealous pushing is unfortunate. The Jets had to waive Sudfeld to make room on their roster. I have no doubt he'll clear waivers, like John stated, there is an unwritten rule about these things and quite honestly, he hasn't done enough for someone to take the chance and commitment to nurse him back to health.

What does this all mean for the New York Jets and the rest of the TE's on the roster?

An interesting note that we haven't really covered here relates to Timothy Wright, a tight end released by the Patriots last week. The Jets were one of the teams to put a waiver request in on him and had the Buccaneers not placed a claim, the Jets would have been awarded him. 10 teams put a claim in, the Jets were 2nd in line

The Jets also signed Steve Maneri, a 6'7 tight end who's been in the league for 5 years and never caught a touchdown, he's a camp body but the chances of him making the active roster are slim. however it's likely the Jets will carry three tight ends. You have to imagine that Jace Amaro and Jeff Cumberland are #1 and #2, which means the spot for the #3 spot that Sudfeld occupied is now up for grabs.

The three tight ends vying for that spot are Kellen Davis, Steve Maneri and Wes Saxton. From pure potential alone, Wes Saxton must have the leg-up. His attributes are off the charts, his athleticism is elite. The problem is he is very raw, and he's not really an in-line tight end, and the less said about his blocking the better.

Here is where the problem lies, do you sacrifice the receiving tight end with upside in favour of the better blocking tight end? Kellen Davis is vastly superior to every other tight end when it comes to blocking. He hasn't performed as well over the last two years as he did with the Chicago Bears between 2008-2012, but he has the capability to be a very good blocker.

So on one hand you have Kellen Davis, a guy who hasn't been very good for over 2 years now. However he is a good blocker and has plenty of experience in the league.

On the other hand you have Wes Saxton. An athletic tight end who has all the athleticism you could ever hope for. He's unproven and he's raw and he struggled for production at South Alabama, so nothing suggests he can produce in the NFL.

So what do the Jets do? Go with Davis? Go with Saxton? Or perhaps they carry only 2 TE's this year to make room for another position, like wide receiver or running back.

Personally the more I look at this group, the less impressed I am. So maybe moving forward with two TE's and an extra receiver is the way forward.