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The New York Jets Wide Receivers Believe in Geno Smith

It isn't unusual for players to publicly express confidence in their quarterback, even if he is struggling. After all, they want to support their teammates, even if it's just the illusion of confidence. However, the three top wide receivers on the New York Jets have gone above and beyond the platitudes normally associated with this typically transparent act.

You may recall that Eric Decker said in the past that he chose the team, at least in part, because he researched Geno Smith and was impressed with what he found. Jeremy Kerley has said he re-signed with the team, at least in part, because of relationship Smith. Today, Brandon Marshall said that he hand-picked the team to be traded to because of Smith.

Obviously, there's an element of "support your teammate here." I'm confident that some will say that Decker wasn't wanted anywhere else, Kerley got more money here than he would have elsewhere, and Marshall didn't have a say in where he's traded. I don't know how much of that is true or not.

I do believe, however, that it's unusual how much support Smith has in the locker room considering his struggles the past two years. Normally it's just generic statements. Perhaps there's something the team knows that we don't. Either way, none of it matters until we see it on the field.

editor's note: I've been on a brief leave of absence as I study for the bar exam, so don't expect any more articles from me until August. However, I can't miss an opportunity to pump up my dude Geno Smith.