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Jets Sign Charlie Brown For Peanuts

Aughh!! Are they pulling the football out from under us again?

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

In a roster move eagerly anticipated by Jets fans everywhere, the Jets replaced recently cut offensive tackle Sean Hooey with free agent offensive tackle Charles Brown.  Brown was signed for a veteran's minimum contract.  What can Brown do for us?  Well, let's see.  Charles Brown is a 6' 5", 300 pound tackle out of USC.  He was originally selected in the second round of the 2010 draft by the New Orleans Saints. In an inscrutable and somewhat inexplicable turn of fate, Brown's nickname is "Peanuts."  Hmmm... go figure.

Charles Brown was a two way player in high school, playing offensive line, defensive line, and tight end.  He was considered a three star offensive line prospect, but he was rated even higher at tight end, earning a four star rating there.  USC recruited him as a 250 pound tight end, but ended up converting Brown into an offensive tackle after they saw his, ahem, skills at tight end up close.

In the NFL Brown started 22 games for the Saints, and played in 37 games from 2010-13. The Saints made no attempt to re-sign him and the New York Giants signed Brown as a free agent in 2014.  Brown played in two games with the Giants last season but was waived in November.  Brown saw extended action in only one game with the Giants, a Week 11 loss to the 49ers, when he took 62 snaps at right tackle.   Pro Football Focus awarded Brown the worst Pass Blocking Efficiency rating of any lineman in the NFL that week.  Shockingly, the Giants released Brown after that game.  Perhaps they thought him a blockhead.

The Jets however apparently see something in Brown, responding to PFF's ratings with "PFFFFFT... what a bunch of Hooey."  Perhaps Brown's biggest asset are his hands, which may be the largest mitts in the entire NFL, if not the world, measuring in at an astounding 11 3/8 inches.  For reference purposes, no player at the entire 2014 NFL Combine had hands closer than within a half inch of that size.

Charles Brown joins a star studded crew of backup tackles on the Jets that includes the likes of Brent Qvale, James Brewer, Ben Ijalana and Wesley Johnson.  The Jets have had no official comment on the truth of reports that a little round headed girl with brunette locks has been spotted lurking at the Florham Park practice facilities, offering to try to convert Brown into a kicker.  Probably just a Folk tale.