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Brandon Marshall Looking Forward To Working With Decker

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

June is the equivalent of a Disney movie. Everyone is skipping along, happy as can be, humming the perfect tune on the perfect day. It's easy to be positive in June, but when animosity strikes, and rest assured it will strike at some point this year, how we react will determine the future of this team.

Brandon Marshall is all smiles at the moment and he spoke about his partnership with Eric Decker yesterday:

"When it's Decker's time to get the ball, I have to be selfless and run through the seam and carry coverage, run the dummy routes in the seam," Marshall said. "When you're on a team with selfish guys, it makes it hard. Guys won't run through that wall for you. We get it. We've been around the league. We've had success. All we want to do is win."

Apparently Decker calls Marshall, Demaryius. Marshall calls Decker Alshon, it's a proper bromance in the making.

We have two legitimate targets this year, and that's strange for a Jets team that has been devoid of offensive talent for a long time. Marshall is absolutely right in what he says, you have to run each route as though the ball is coming your way, it disguises the play and it makes it easier for the player actually getting the ball.

I love the way Marshall has come into the offense with confidence, swagger and a willingness to bring the team together, that's leadership. Let's hope it stays like that.