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Bowles Impressed With Williams & Walls Consistency and Instincts

We're making the most of football talk, as after today, things get quiet for a long time.

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The New York Jets cornerback situation is significantly better than it was last year. To the point where we won't need all that much from Marcus Williams and Darrin Walls. You would expect Revis and Cromartie to start on the outside with Skrine handling the #3 responsibilities. Based on talent alone, you would hope Milliner can get himself healthy and McDougle has impressed early during camp too. Which means the bottom of the cornerback depth chart is going to be very competitive.

Todd Bowles wasn't surprised, but he was impressed with the approach, instincts and consistency of Marcus Williams,an undrafted player from the 2014 draft class and Darrin Walls, an undrafted player from the 2011 draft class:

I don't know if there are surprise players, guys I didn't know as well being in a different conference. Just consistency-wise, Marcus Williams and (Darrin) Walls have been very consistent with their approach and they have very good instincts. That just stood out from what I saw this spring.

Between Williams and Walls, they saw 1229 snaps last season, which probably says more about the Jets cornerback situation than it does the talent of Williams and Walls.

Walls struggled mightily last year, if you look at the PFF statistics for Walls it indicates he gave up 894 yards and was credited with being beaten for 6 touchdowns on the season, although he did have 2 interceptions and 8 pass breakups. Williams on the other hand isn't credited with giving up a single score and put his name on one interception and 4 pass defenses.

The truth is, neither is good enough to play on the outside against the best receivers in the league. However both have serious talent and I was actually quite impressed with Marcus Williams play last year. For an undrafted rookie to hold his own like he did, that was impressive and if he improves like most players do, he will be banging on the door for that roster spot.

If we assume that we are keeping 6  cornerbacks on the roster, I'm pretty confident that the following five will make it:

Darrelle Revis

Antonio Cromartie

Buster Skrine

Dee Milliner

Dexter McDougle

That leaves one spot up for grabs and it's likely going to come down to either Walls or Williams. May the best man win.