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Brandon Marshall To Host Pre-Training Camp Workouts

Similar to the Jets West camp that Sanchez used to host, Marshall will do the same in Chi-town

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

I always liked the idea of Jets West camp hosted by Mark Sanchez, although we didn't see any positives as a result of that. Brandon Marshall has decided to have a Jets camp in Chicago as part of the season preparations.

The newly acquired wide receiver will host the camp in Chicago due to his wife just giving birth, so he can be close to home. However Geno Smith will be the leader of the camp, which will see a number of WR. RB and TE attend.

Brandon Marshall has really taken Geno Smith under his wing and the two were living together in New York while Brandon looked for a place, so this is really positive news for Marshall who often enjoys a honeymoon period with his new team.

As John noted in the minicamp thread today, the players will break up after minicamp and won't be together again until training camp towards the end of next month. It's not uncommon for players to hold a players only training session in-between the two dates. The more Geno can work with the receivers the better.