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Antonio Cromartie & Kellen Winslow Jr Get Into Twitter Squabble

I was worried we'd have nothing to talk about this week

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

On one hand I can't stand writing about this kind of thing, on the other people seem to enjoy it so here we go.

Cromartie, fresh off his exchange of quotes with Richard Sherman found himself embroiled in another off-the-field slapping contest today, this time with former Jet Kellen Winslow Jr:

Cromartie did respond with

Obviously this alludes to the arrest of Winslow Jr for allegedly doing a certain something in the parking lot of a Target superstore. It's never nice to be called out, but I really wish Cromartie would take the high road on occasions and not respond to comments like this.

Cromartie is getting paid millions to play in the NFL. Kellen Winslow Jr hasn't played in the NFL since his ill-fated first and last season with the New York Jets where he failed to stay on the field for a majority of reasons.

We don't want players talking to become an off-field distraction, which is what it is quickly becoming.