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Richardson: Wilkerson Deserves Suh Money

Sheldon Richardson is a colorful character, and he's giving his opinion on Wilkerson's contract situation.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Who doesn't love a good contract dispute? See the entire NFL fan-base.

We've managed to avoid much animosity between Wilkerson's camp and the New York Jets, but that may not last very long if the Wilkerson camp is looking for Suh type money. According to Sheldon Richardson, that's exactly what should be happening:

"He's worth that penny," Richardson told the New York Daily News. "And you know what penny I'm talking about. . . . We don't just want J.J. Watt money. We want it all. We want (Ndamukong) Suh money. Hopefully everybody wants that type of bread in this league."

I like how he says we want it all. I think we all know that Richardson will ask for the World when the times comes and if he deserves it, then he'll probably get it. Remember Suh signed a 6 year $114 million contract with the Dolphins that includes nearly $60 million in guarantees.

"Why wouldn't he?" Richardson said. "If Gerald McCoy can get $100 million, I'm pretty sure my guy Mo Wilkerson can get $100 million."

I imagine the Jets are looking more around the $50-$60 million mark than the $100 million mark for a contract for Wilkerson. Something similar to what Cameron Jordan signed with the Saints. However Sheldon specified that the contract he signed was team-friendly and that's Jordan's decision, that's not his or Mo's.

He went on to have a very telling quote:

"There'll never be another Ray Lewis sticking with the same team their whole career," Richardson said. "Peyton Manning's on a different team . . . and that's Peyton Manning. You build your relationships with (teammates), but no matter how strong they get, in the end, you got to realize that they might not be here the next day."

I hope the deal gets done, but if Mo is looking for over $100 million with $60 guaranteed, we'll have to wave goodbye. Also if the Jets are thinking about asking Sheldon for a team-friendly deal when his contract is up for negotiation, I wouldn't even bother.

I like Sheldon, I like his play but he's an outspoken guy who doesn't seem to care if he upsets anyone, least of all the fans. Remember he is a man who called out fans for not respecting his decision not to show to OTA's because he wanted to spend time with family....despite the fact his season finished in December and OTA's were in May.....I'd certainly like 5 months to spend with my family, it's tough being an NFL player though *insert eye roll here*