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Devin Smith Absent For Personal Reasons - He's Going To Be A Dad

Devin Smith was nowhere to be seen yesterday, but it was for good reason.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets 2nd round selection out of Ohio State was nowhere to be seen at mandatory minicamp yesterday but he was an authorized absence,

On Devin Smith's absence...

He had something personal to take care of. His girl's expecting. He's going to be a dad, so he wasn't here.

On whether he expects to see him within the next two days...

That's not up to me (laughter). (If) he has the baby, I'm sure he can be here the next two days. If he doesn't, it's close and I really don't know what to tell you.

Now I saw some "fans" on Twitter critisizing Smith for missing minicamp. Mainly due to the fact he's a rookie and he's trying to learn a new offense. That's ridiculous.

There is a lot for Smith to learn and I'm sure he's going to be burning the midnight oil on his playbook (that he has installed on a personal ipad) to be ready for training camp at the end of July, start of August. However if you're looking back in 50 years time, you're going to regret missing the birth of your first child more than a day installing a new offense to start your career.

We need to remember that these guys all have personal matters that are far more important than what they do on the football field and this is one of them. Devin Smith will be just fine, even if he does miss a day or three of minicamp preparation.

I think I speak for everyone here at GGN when I say congratulations to Devin and his partner on the imminent birth of their new son/daughter.