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Jets Had Interest in La'El Collins

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Kristian Dyer reports the Jets made an effort to sign offensive lineman La'El Collins, who signed with the Cowboys this week.

"The Jets inquired about La'el Collins along with 29 other teams. Every single team was required to meet our criteria for the contract. The Jets were one of the teams willing to do so," Deryk Gilmore, Collins' agent, told Metro. Gilmore is with the agency Priority Sports.

"We just didn't feel it was a good fit at the end of the day."

It is no surprise almost every team in the league expressed interest. Collins was essentially a bonus first round pick who would have come at a lower price. He might have gone in the top half of the first round of last weekend if not for the circumstances that presented themselves.

I figured Collins would go to a team where he could start at left tackle, the highest paying position on the offensive line, but being part of that Dallas offensive line certainly won't hurt his profile.