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McShay Mocks Cardale Jones To Jets In 2016

Well you've had a few days to digest the SB Nation mock draft, and now it's time for the ESPN one.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As we mentioned with the SB Nation mock draft, you can't take it too seriously and you can't worry about it too much. ESPN have us going 6-10 which is understandable based on our 2014 season, but I think if we finish 6-10 there will be a fair bit of surprise around here and even more disappointment.

I can't comment too much on the players as I've only just started watching tape on the prospects and won't have a complete opinion until around November/December time.

Let us jump straight in and look at the mock 2016 NFL draft as Todd McShay sees it.

1 - Redskins - QB Christian Hackenberg

2- Browns - QB Connor Cook

3 - Raiders - DE Joey Bosa

4- Titans - OT Jeremy Tunsil

5- Buccaneers - DE Emmanuel Ogbah

6- Jaguars - CB - Vernon Hargreaves

Now to the Jets selection:

7. New York Jets (Projected record: 6-10)

Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio State: First he has to win the Buckeyes' starting job in 2015. But if he can gain more experience and improve his ability to read defenses and take care of the football, he has the potential to rise up teams' draft boards. He has a big, strong frame and the arm strength to easily drive the football down the field.

Loved the limited tape I saw of Jones, he has a great frame and a great arm, but I need to see a lot more to make me believe he's a 1st round guy in 2016, especially considering the fact that he may not even win the Ohio State starting job.

There is a clear pattern emerging though, whether it be Cook, Jones or Hackenberg, most believe the Jets will be looking for a QB, that makes sense considering the roster, but it's up to Geno to shut them up.