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Talking Leonard Williams With Conquest Chronicles

We're going to be reaching out to our drafted players college blogs to ask a few questions in relation to the New York Jets.

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We can do as much research as we like, but nobody knows their players better than the writers who cover them every single week. I reached out to the guys at Conquest Chronicles our USC blog, to ask them a few questions about Leonard Williams, our first round draft pick.

GGN: Williams had shoulder surgery before the 2014 season, did you see any signs that it was affecting him throughout the year?

CC: Williams's shoulder looked healthy during the 2014 season. An argument can be made that the shoulder made him more powerful. To talk about how injuries affect him, I will bring up this example. Williams was dealing with an ankle injury before the Stanford game and had to be examined by doctors before the game because he was limping and was noticeable in a lot of pain. He finished the game with 11 tackles.

GGN: We hear that Williams was double-teamed a lot last year, is this true and what percentage of the time would you estimate he was doubled?

CC: Williams was doubled if not tripled team at least every other play last year. With the injuries on the defensive line, Williams was the main focus of opposing offensive lines and their main focal points were to contain Williams.

GGN: He's obviously a powerful guy, where do you think he fits best in a base 3-4 scheme?

CC: I think he fits best at the left defensive end position where he lined about a lot during his junior season. Putting Leonard next to Sheldon Richardson would be great but I believe he should play defensive end because of how quick he is off the edge.

GGN:  Does he have more to his pass rush game than the bull, how is his swim and spin moves?

CC: His hands are phenomenal. He creates havoc for opposing offensive lineman because of how quick he can get past the lineman on his swim technique. His spin move is also good but his swim is what separates him in this year's draft.

GGN: He seems a larger than life guy, did you get a feel for his personality at USC and how do you think he'll cope with the New York media?

CC: For 6'5" 300 pounds, he is a big goof ball. Williams is always joking around off the field and always has a smile on his face. And you have to love his hair. I think he will do great in New York because Williams is all about what he does on the field and doesn't need to be in the spotlight off.

GGN: From what I've seen,Williams motor is one of his best traits, is it always running hot or can he dip out of games?

CC:He played pretty much every snap of the 2014 season that there were some plays where he needed a breather but besides that, he was always playing every snap to the fullest. Williams is the ultimate coach's player; he is a leader and is always working to get better.

GGN Finally, if you had to predict a stat line for him in year one, what would it be?

Somewhere in the range of 50 tackles, 8.5 tackles for a loss and seven sacks are where I see Williams in 2015. It's the perfect fit for him because the Jets have Richardson and the duo will combine to put up big numbers in the future.

Something about him: He is an artist. He had some of his work displayed on campus in 2013 and 2014.