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Jets Give Brandon Marshall More Money For Some Reason

The new Jet WR gets some more cash for his wallet

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

In today's breaking news, the Jets decided to rework Brandon Marshall's contract, per ESPN's Field Yates. Marshall will see an extra 1.3 mil guaranteed this year, and sees a bump in his 2016 salary as well.

Marshall was scheduled to earn up to $7.7 million this season in the form of a $7.5 million base salary and a $200,000 workout bonus, but his new deal includes a fully guaranteed base salary of $9 million for 2015, though his workout bonus has been eliminated.

Marshall's 2016 base salary compensation rose from $7.9 million to $9.5 million, which is guaranteed for injury only. Marshall's 2017 base salary was narrowed from $8.3 million (plus $200,000 more in the form of a workout bonus) to $7.5 million, with a $700,000 de-escalator clause for any Super Bowl victory during the years of the contract.

Cimini writes that the Jets had previously agreed to rework Marshall's deal prior to trade, and had to wait until May 22 before the deal could start to be reworked.

This certainly doesn't move the needle much, though it cuts into potential rollover cap space for what already looks to be a tight cap next offseason. Not sure where Marshall's leverage was to ask that he get new money, except that perhaps the Bears did Marshall a favor by sending him to a place where the team would give him some extra money. Either way, congrats to Marshall. Get that cash.