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Jets to Travel 10th Most Miles in NFL

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

John Breech of CBS Sports compiled information on how far every NFL team will travel to and from away games this season. The Jets rank 10th with 19,866 miles that will be spent traveling. They also have two games that will require them traveling over 2,000 miles. Only the 49ers with 4 and the Ravens and Raiders with 3 have more. Miami, San Diego, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh also have 2.

Why do the Jets rate so high on this list? A lot of it has to do with their trip to London to play the Dolphins. They also do have the shortest road trip possible, a road game against the Giants that will take place in MetLife Stadium, their home field.

Below are the top ten teams in travel this season.

1. 49ers: 27,998
2. Dolphins: 26,452
3. Raiders: 26,336
4. Seahawks: 25,086
5. Chargers: 24,274
6. Cardinals: 23,652
7. Chiefs: 21,640
8. Ravens: 20,550
9. Lions: 20,272
10. Jets: 19,866