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2015 NFL Draft Grades: Dumb Unless They Praise the Jets

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

It's beyond silly to give out grades for the NFL Draft hours after its completion. That doesn't stop people from doing it, though. Let's take a look at some of the grades that were handed out to the Jets.

Sports Illustrated

New York Jets: B+

Ignore the fact that New York did not necessarily need Leonard Williams. The best defensive player, and possibly the best overall player, in this draft fell into the Jets' laps at No. 6, so they did the wise thing and took him. Wide receiver Devin Smith may see limited action this year, but his game-breaking potential deep will help draw attention away from Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley. Round 3 edge-rusher Lorenzo Mauldin fills a glaring hole on Todd Bowles's defense. No qualms with that pick, though Mauldin is not quite as talented as his Louisville production made him look.

The Bryce Petty pick at No. 103 no doubt opened some eyes in the Big Apple. Petty won't be a viable NFL starter for some time, if ever, but he still could swipe the QB-of-the-future status from Geno Smith. Ryan Fitzpatrick's presence also buys New York time to bring Petty along.

Pete Prisco

Best Pick: It was their first pick, defensive tackle Leonard Williams. He is the best player in this draft. And they got him in the sixth spot.

Questionable move: Trading up to get Bryce Petty. They like him as a potential starting quarterback and he can push Geno Smith.

Third-day gem: Fifth-round guard Jarvis Harrison was a quality starter on some good lines. He is a tough guy who needs to improve his pass protection. Analysis: I love their first two picks, Williams and receiver Devin Smith, but the rest of the draft was so-so. Williams will be a dominant addition to a good defense.

Grade: B-

Day 1 grade: A+

Day 2 grade: A-

Day 3 grade: A

Overall grade: A

The skinny: The new front office and head coach in New York landed the best player in the draft. That's a nice way to start your tenure even if Williams might not really be a true need for the Jets. That defense should be nasty for Todd Bowles, and Williams could provide some insurance in case Muhammad Wilkerson leaves as a free agent next season. Smith has plenty of speed and will help stretch the field for Geno Smith. Mauldin was a great value pick in the third round off the edge. With some time under his belt in the NFL, Petty might turn out to be the best passer in this draft class and finds a great home in New York to develop behind Geno Smith. Bottom line: Top-heavy draft group adds to a talented roster assembled very quickly by new GM Mike Maccagnan.

SB Nation

Best pick: Petty - New York moved up a spot to get a quarterback that could possibly push Geno Smith for the starting job.

Questionable pick: Trading for Brandon Marshall and Percy Harvin - The Jets needed offensive linemen and only got one this entire draft.

The Jets added good talent in Williams, even though I don't think they needed more talent along the defensive line. Smith is a good wide out who will open up the field, assuming Smith can get him the ball. I like Mauldin. He's the sort of outside linebacker that fits Todd Bowles' system. Petty could surprise some people at quarterback. Harrison has talent and is versatile, if he's playing hard.

Overall Grade: B