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Quick Hits On Who The Jets Have Signed AS UDFA's

The draft may have ended when the Cardinals made their final selection, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Taiwan Jones likes to play big boy football!
Taiwan Jones likes to play big boy football!
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

All NFL teams were busy after the NFL draft had finished, calling and signing players who had slipped through the net.

Last night we brought you a number of signings, but it occurred to me that most readers won't know much about these players, after all there were over 250 players taken ahead of them and we can't know everything there is to know about every single prospect.

So I thought I'd break-down the prospects with a few quick hits this morning.

Jake Heaps, QB (BYU, Kansas, Miami)

Heaps is 6'1, 217lb prospect who's done the rounds in college football. The top rated QB coming out of high school, he started his college career on fire at BYU throwing for 2316 yards and 15 TD's as a freshman. However as a Sophomore he started to turn the ball over and the pressure got too much. He transferred to Kansas and after sitting out a season in 2012 he struggled to get going finishing 2013 with 8 touchdowns to 10 interceptions. He attempted only 12 passes in 2014 after transferring to Miami. A former 5 star recruit who never lived up to the hype, he'll get a chance at a fresh start.

Julian Howsare, DE (Clarion)

Howsare is a 6'3 255lb defensive end, outline linebacker prospect who runs a 4.6 40 yard dash. He was a three time division 2 all-american. If you watch him on tape, he shows exceptional athleticism and he is a natural play-maker. He is above average rushing the passer and has enough in his hips to turn and run in coverage. He has developmental quality but he can contribute on special teams immediately. Over his career he blocked 10 kicks or punts on special teams. I have to admit to being excited about this one, he has an explosive nature that I love. Definitely one to watch.

Deion Barnes, DE (Penn State)

A 6'4 260lb prospect who I imagine was a priority free agent for the Jets. In 2014 he registered 6 sacks and 12.5 tackles for a loss with Penn State. He doesn't have a great deal of speed but he can show up on tape with some excellent instincts. He doesn't have the power to play a traditional 3-4 defensive end but he could easily transition to the 3-4 outside linebacker position, although the majority of his snaps would need to be rushing the passer and he's quite stiff in the hips.

Taiwan Jones, ILB (Michigan State)

This is a fantastic signing and one that I'm really excited about. He shows a real physicality to go with his 6'3 245lb frame. He loves a little contact and you know when he has hit you. He has the same skill set as David Harris, he combines physicality with some pass rushing ability, although he is very limited in his pass coverage and lacks the instincts to excel in this area, he could do the job of Harris once the Hitman comes to the end of his career with the Jets.

Wes Saxton Jr, TE (South Alabama)

This is another great signing in my opinion, I actually had a 5th round grade on Wes Sexton. He's a 6'3, 250lb tight end who runs around the 4.65 range. He is athletically gifted and moves very well for a man his size, he has good acceleration and he has the strength to box out defenders and generate mismatches in the secondary. He dropped because he is extremely raw, he has some bad drops and his routes are sloppy. He is the perfect example of someone with a lot of talent, who needs coaching up to be a true football player.

Durell Eskridge, S (Syracuse)

This is an interesting one because had Eskridge stayed in college another year, I think he'd be a 3rd or 4th round talent. He's completely inexperienced and lacks the playing time at the position to have developed the instincts. Saying that he is a 6'3 free safety who has plenty of length and enough speed to play sideline-to-sideline. He can come up and play the run but he's at his best when he's playing a center field type role. He needs some seasoning but he has lots of talent to develop.

Jordan Williams, DE (Tennessee)

He's 6'5 and 284lbs, and has experience at defensive end, outside linebacker and defensive tackle. He appeared in 44 games while at Tennessee and started 21 of them. He wasn't overly productive in college but he's a big man with a lot of power. He is a body right now on a packed defensive line but he's done enough to warrant a chance to compete. He was a very popular player at Tennessee and will bring a great attitude to camp.

Players who have accepted an invitation to camp:

Betim Bujari, Rutgers, C

Alex Mateas, UConn, C

Kevin Thomas, Wofford, LB