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Fare thee well: Jets release Matt Simms

The Cannon of Randomness is off to green-er(?) pastures

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have officially stated that back up QB, son of Phil, and Apple of the Contrarian's Eye Matt Simms has been released today.

Matt Simms's Jet career ends with Simms having taken a total of 39 regular season attempts, completing 19 of them for 195 yards with a touchdown and an interception along with a Tebow-esque 48.7% completion rate. Simms managed to stick around with the team for several years, bringing with him a howitzer for an arm and the accuracy of a Revolutionary War musket. On the verge of age 27, it seems unlikely that Matt Simms was ever destined for a long career as an NFL QB, having been backup at Louisville, losing his starting spot in Tennessee, and never seriously challenging for a job with the Jets.

The most curious about this is probably the timing. We are still in OTAs, with the 90+ man rosters. Probably no real reason to cut Simms right now. This seems to show that the Jets want to get more looks and more action for the younger quarterbacks, 4th round pick Bryce Petty and undrafted free agent and former uber-prospect-turned-college-disappointment-turned-UDFA-underdog-story Jake Heaps.

Fare thee well, Cannon of Randomness. Perhaps some other team will give you the opportunity that your brother didn't think you got in New York because you are Son of Phil.