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Stevan Ridley Moving Well at OTA's

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the beat writers in attendance at OTA's could not help but notice running back Stevan Ridley looked good today.

This is encouraging news as Ridley is coming off a torn ACL and a torn MCL. He is something of a wild card for the Jets. Ridley is young at 26. He has low usage with under 700 career touches from scrimmage. He also has a 1,200 yard rushing season under his belt. Ridley might be an important contributor on offense.

He also might not be a lock to make the team. The trade for Zac Stacy means there is a conceivable way Ridley could be a camp cut, particularly because he adds little in the passing game. He might need a strong showing. It is nice to see there are at least some encouraging signs in his recovery.