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Dee Milliner Needs To Compete For His Spot

A very small note from Rich Cimini this morning.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

This is a very small note that under normal circumstances probably wouldn't be worth an individual article, but we're in May and we're still a long way away from training camp, so we have to fill the time somewhere.

Rich Cimini had a note from defensive coordinator on Dee Milliner and the conclusion that was reached was that Dee Milliner won't be handed anything, just because he's a former first round selection:

"When you look at Dee coming in, you see a guy still kind of working off of an injury, trying to get himself to 100 percent," defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers said last week. "But as we looked at him, we expect Dee to compete for a position on the roster like everyone else. This was a top-10 pick, and we think he has a lot of ability and we expect him to compete."

That's hardly a surprise. You can't really come out at this stage and say he's guaranteed a spot on the roster. For one reason or another, Dee Milliner has proven absolutely nothing in this league. He's been injured often and benched sporadically. He may have considered himself the best corner in the league, but he hasn't even proven he's a starter in this league yet.

I fully expect Dee Milliner (if healthy) to earn the #4 role on this football team. He won't be starting over Revis or Cromartie and he'll likely be behind Buster Skrine as well (unless he completely out-plays him) in the pre-season. Then you get down to Marcus Williams who is largely unproven but who performed admirably in a no-win situation in 2014, and then you have to consider Dexter McDougle, does he have the talent to beat out a top 10 selection?

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made with this football team, mainly because we have a little thing I like to call "depth"

"It's going to be some tough decisions," Rodgers said. "It's a lot of good football players on the back end."