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Chan Gailey: Geno Smith Likely Week One Starter

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Barring injury, Chan Gailey says that the New York Jets will start Geno Smith at quarterback. This isn't a massive surprise, as it's been previously been announced that he would start training camp getting the first team reps. What is a surprise is that there won't be a quarterback competition this year.

As the team has an early bye, it provides the team with an out if Smith starts off the year poorly. Ryan Fitzpatrick has experience with Gailey's system, so he can probably step in without many first team reps. Gailey did note, however, that the system would be tailored to Smith's skill set.

Realistically, Fitzpatrick is who he is at this point, and that's an inconsistent quarterback. He had some good years under Gailey with the Buffalo Bills, but there isn't a huge difference between the two right now, and Smith is at least younger with more physical gifts. As Gailey said, Smith can physically make every throw, which he said is rare.

I'm sure this will be a hugely controversial news story, so feel free to comment below.