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UDFA Tracker: New York Jets Undrafted Free Agents

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are now finished in the 2015 NFL Draft. They have selected six players and traded the rest of their picks for Percy Harvin (not still with the team), Brandon Marshall (still with the team), and Zac Stacy (just acquired today).

This is not the end for Mike Maccagnan and company, though. There are still undrafted free agents to sign. Every year quality players slip though the cracks, and become undrafted free agents. The Jets have gotten quality players like Mike Devito and Damon Harrison. Finding and developing undrafted free agents is like finding an extra Draft pick.

We will use this thread to keep track of undrafted Jets free agents. Keep in mind, this is a fluid process. Sometimes things fall through, and initial reports prove false.

Below is embedded the GGN Twitter widget. The widget is like a chameleon. It can serve any number of purposes. For us, it will help keep track of undrafted free agents the Jets sign.