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Jets Select Jarvis Harrison With 152nd Pick

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Maccagnan worked for a team in Texas before he came to the Jets. So far on the third day of the 2015 NFL Draft, both of his picks played college in Texas. With the 152nd pick, the Jets picked Jarvis Harrison, a guard out of Texas A&M. This fifth round pick was acquired from the Texans when the Jets traded down in the third round last night.

Harrison is a big 330 pounder, but he isn't limited to being the slow mauler you might expect. He's actually pretty nimble and possibly a fit in a zone based system. Harrison posted the fourth best time in the three cone drill at the Combine. A lot of the questions around him seem to be about conditioning.

Mike Maccagnan made remarks prior to the Draft about successful teams finding value in offensive linemen in later rounds. True to his word, the Jets found a guy in the fifth round with some potential. They likely have done their homework and think they can tap Harrison's potential. We will see how Harrison takes to the NFL. Could he be in the mix to start in the NFL as a rookie. I don't think you can ever depend on a fifth round pick being ready, but there is certainly an opening.