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2015 NFL Draft Grades: Jets on Day 2

As always, Draft grades on day two are ridiculous. Even the best Draft analyst gets a lot of evaluations wrong, and nobody knows how these picks will actually fit with their new team. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the grades the Jets got in round two. These are only for entertainment...unless they praise the Jets. Then they are totally accurate.

Day 1 grade: A+

Day 2 grade: A-

Overall grade: A

The skinny: The new front office and head coach in New York landed the best player in the draft. That's a nice way to start your tenure even if Williams might not really be a true need for the Jets. That defense should be nasty for Todd Bowles, and Williams could provide some insurance in case Muhammad Wilkerson leaves as a free agent next season. Smith has plenty of speed and will help stretch the field for Geno Smith. Mauldin was a great value pick in the third round off the edge.

CBS Sports

Devin Smith: They needed a speed receiver to stretch the field and this kid can fly. He is not a one-trick pony either.

Grade: A

Lorenzo Mauldin:

This is the edge rusher the Jets needed to get. He has a chance to be rotation player as a rookie and maybe more his second season. Nice job.

Grade: B+

Initially I didn't like the pick of Williams in the first round. He just doesn't fill a need at all for the Jets. Their next two picks were solid choices of value that fill needs. Mauldin is an end who just gets the job done. Smith is a speed option at wide receiver.

Overall grade: B+