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New York Jets and 2014 Broken Tackles on Defense

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Football Outsiders put together a list of defensive broken tackles in 2014.

Here are some of the highlights as it pertains to the Jets:

  • Antonio Allen and Antonio Cromartie were among defenders who had 10 tackles broken on them.
  • With 10 broken tackles and 45 tackles made, Cromartie's 18.2% broken tackle rate was 10th worst among defensive backs.
  • On the other side of the ledger, Darrelle Revis had only 1 tackle broken on him. When factored along with his 45 tackles, his 2.2% broken tackle rate was third best among defensive backs.
  • As a team, the Jets ranked in a four-way tie at 13th best with a 6.7% broken tackle rate.
  • Todd Bowles' Arizona team ranked 5th worst with an 8.1% rate.
Such an isolated stat doesn't tell us a whole lot. At cornerback, tackling matters, but it is far behind covering receiver in importance. The information here was interesting, though, so I thought I would share it.