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New York Jets Rate 5th on Gil Brandt NFL Draft Power Rankings

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt ranked his top 100 prospects before the Draft. Now that the Draft is done, he is giving out power rankings based on the players each team selected and how they stack up with his rankings. The New York Jets ranked fifth in the league.

5. New York Jets: 224 points (5 players)

Overview: The Jets also got five Hot 100 players, including DL Leonard Williams -- the No. 1 player on Brandt's list -- with the sixth pick of the draft. They drafted the five with their first five selections, including two excellent-value picks on the third day -- QB Bryce Petty in the fourth round (103rd overall) and G Jarvis Harrison in the fifth (152nd overall). The Jets' second-round pick was WR Devin Smith, who was the 37th overall pick. He also was ranked 37th on Brandt's list.
The players (points)
No. 1 DL Leonard Williams, USC (100) 
No. 37 WR Devin Smith, Ohio State (64) 
No. 53 QB Bryce Petty, Baylor (48) 
No. 91 OLB Lorenzo Mauldin, Louisville (10) 
No. 99 G Jarvis Harrison, Texas A&M (2)

These are only opinions and mean nothing once the players actually take the field. It does seem like many professional analysts love what the Jets did, though.