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Jets Over/Under 7.5 Wins

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The sports book has an over/under on wins for NFL teams in 2015. They bank on the additions the team has made to be worth over three extra wins. The Jets check in currently at 7.5 wins.

For context, Miami and Buffalo both check in one game better with 8.5 wins. The Patriots are currently off the board as the suspension of Tom Brady is assessed.

I think the over/under is in the correct neighborhood. It isn't that I think the Jets are guaranteed to be a 7 to 8 win team. It's more that I think they are in that range if they have average luck. If they get a good break here or there, they could be a 10 win team. With a few bad breaks, maybe we are talking a little under 7.5.

I also think the AFC East is shaping up to be a division where nine to ten wins might take the title this season. All of the teams have flaws. The Patriots are likely to be considered favorites. That's fair. They will have Brady for three quarters of the season, and Bill Belichick is tough to bet against. I do think they have some real worries, though. Without Brady for the first four games, they look pretty vulnerable between an inexperienced quarterback and a really shaky group of corners. As we saw last year, a bad start can be difficult to dig out from.

While the Jets are not favorites, this feels like as good of a chance as they have had in years to make some noise in the division.