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Lorenzo Mauldin Pick Approval Rating

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Did you like the selection of Lorenzo Mauldin with the 82nd pick?

I thought the pick of Leonard Williams last night was a grand slam. I thought the picks tonight were solid doubles. I don't think Mauldin's ceiling is through the roof, but he could be just what the Jets need. I love how relentless his game is. He has experience lining up all over the place, which is a good attribute for an edge rusher in the defense the Jets are installing. I also see the makings of some nice pass rush moves, a swim move in particular.

I felt like this defense was a pass rusher away from being something special. Could Mauldin be that pass rusher? I think he potentially could be. With all of the talent on the interior line the Jets will have drawing double teams, any edge rusher will have plenty of favorable matchups.

This came after a trade down. The Jets dropped twelve spots and added a fifth round pick, a seventh round pick, and DeVier Posey. After losing their original fifth and sixth round picks, I like that the Jets replenished their inventory of late round selections.