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Teams Looking To Trade Up: Jets May Be A Willing Partner

There are a lot of rumors floating around draft circles tonight, should we put two and two together.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets may have a choice to make tonight, and it may not involve which player to select.

We have two selections to make tonight but after that we won't select again until the 7th round, however several teams are expressing an interest in moving up to the top of the 2nd round and I imagine the Jets are on the phone.

This is an important decision for the Jets, do you take the value at 37 or do you try and trade down and pick up more selections?

If you could move down 5-10 spots and pick up a selection in the 4th and 6th, do you do it? I think in the end it will come down to who is on the board. For example, if we have a first round grade on Gregory and DGB and they are available at #37, someone is going to have to seriously overpay to get me to move out from that spot.

If we've learnt anything so far, it's that the Jets are willing to listen to anybody and explore every opportunity.