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Report: New York Jets Want Multiple First Rounders for Muhammad Wilkerson

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jason LaCanfora, who is best buddies with Muhammad Wilkerson and his agent, had this to say about the star player:

The Jets would want a king's ransom for defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson this weekend. I've heard that it would take multiple first-round picks to get him. Of course, having Leonard Williams fall in their lap and with Wilkerson wanting a new deal, I can't help but wonder if that price tag comes down at some point. Teams like Cleveland and Oakland have plenty of money still to spend and they're among the group that was monitoring this situation before the draft. The Jets now have three starting-caliber defensive linemen even without Wilkerson. Sheldon Richardson is going to be all over them for a massive new deal in a year. They already spent a ton of money in free agency. Teams will keep exploring this option through a long offseason.

It's not clear who is leaking this information, but it seems highly unlikely to me that the team would get that much for Wilkerson (especially considering the new team will have to give him a mega-deal). My guess is they don't really want to trade Wilkerson, but will only do so if they get, as LaCanfora says, a king's ransom for it. I know most of you are opposed to trading Wilkerson, but if it had to be done, what's the minimum you'd be willing to accept?