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New York Jets Draft Scenario: Choice In The Second Round

One round is in the books, but in a few hours we'll be going again with rounds 2 and 3. I have a question for everyone.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I love the NFL draft, I know, hardly a shock. However there is a buzz and a vibe in the air, a positivity and a need for discussion. My Twitter is busier than Piccadilly circus this morning (a very busy area of London) and I love the discussion that the draft generates.

At the moment I'm having a discussion with a bunch of very knowledgeable fans about the 2nd round selection for the Jets. There is still so much talent available, and a lot of it is at perceived positions of need for the Jets. So I wanted to present a scenario for you to establish a consensus:

If the following players are available when the Jets select at #37 this evening, who do you take and why?

1- Tevin Coleman, RB

2- Randy Gregory, OLB

3- Dorial Green-Beckham WR

4- Jaelen Strong, WR

5- Duke Johnson, RB

6 - La'El Collins, OT

At least one of them is guaranteed to be there when the Jets select. However for the sake of a scenario such as this, I'm going to say that all of these players are available.

For me, I'm taking Dorial Green-Beckham and that's very unusual for me to ignore red flags in favor of potential. I'd be happy with any of them if I'm being completely honest, but when I watch DGB I see top 10 talent, I really do, so I'd find it very hard to pass up.

Let me know who you'd pick by voting in the poll and leaving a comment to explain it.