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NFL Draft Grades: Dumb...Unless They Praise the Jets

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Draft grades a few hours after a pick are really dumb...except when they talk about how smart the Jets are. Here is a brief roundup.

Draft pick: DL Leonard Williams (No. 6 overall)
Grade: A+
The skinny: The new front office and head coach in New York landed the best player in the draft. That's a nice way to start your tenure even if Williams might not really be a true need for the Jets. That defense should be nasty for Todd Bowles, and Williams could provide some insurance in caseMuhammad Wilkerson leaves as a free agent next season.

Leonard Williams adds even more punch to what now may be the most formidable D-line in the league.

Grade: A

With this pick the Jets now have an unstoppable defensive line that will strike fear in the hearts of quarterbacks. This could have been copied and pasted from when the Jets picked Sheldon Richardson in the first round of the 2013 draft. Look, Williams is the best player in the draft and it was a surprise he was available at No. 6. But even if Muhammad Wilkerson is traded, how much better is Williams making New York?

Grade: B-

CBS Sports

I love the player and there is great value with the pick, but does he fit with this New York team?

Grade: B+