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NFL Draft Rumor: Jets Would Have Passed on Jameis Winston

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It is old news and not relevant, but Rich Cimini thinks the Jets would have passed on Jameis Winston had the top overall pick fallen to them last night.

It does not really matter now, but it still is kind of interesting to ponder what the Jets would have done. Winston came with plenty of off the field concerns. Assuming Cimini's tweet is accurate, one would presume this had something to do with it. This is a new regime that is still in search of the answer at quarterback. This probably provides some sort of window into the philosophy of the decision-makers as the search continues.

No matter what the regime does, success will ultimately be difficult to find unless the team lands a high caliber quarterback. They might only get one chance to land that guy so their thought process is relevant.