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Amaro: "Guys Just Weren't Accountable Last Year"

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jace Amaro had some interesting comments yesterday in an interview on Sirius XM Radio.

"(Bowles) came in telling us that he expects to win," Amaro told Sirius XM NFL Radio on Monday, per Newsday. "He's not really playing around with everybody being late. We had an issue with that last year. I think guys just weren't accountable last year as much they could be. And I think that's the biggest thing."

Amaro said Bowles is "making sure that everyone's going to be 100 percent in or you're not going to be on the team, so that's really going to filter out toward the guys."

Now keep in mind we are still in the honeymoon phase with the new regime. This is the time where everybody associated with the team talks about how different the new guy is from the old guy.  The conclusion from the differences is always that the new guy is better.

With that in mind, this is hardly the first time we have heard an insinuation from somebody in the locker room that Rex Ryan was not holding people accountable. It is very difficult to draw a direct one to one correlation between something that happens in practice with the games. There did seem to be a real lack of discipline and attention to detail that plagued the Jets during their 4-12 season. One cannot help but wonder whether the sloppiness in preparation contributed to the sloppiness on Sunday.

Hopefully Bowles does a better job getting the team ready.